An Overview Of Two Exceptional Pest Management Companies In Singapore

A combination of a humid climate and a high population density makes Singapore highly vulnerable to diseases spread by vectors such as mosquitoes, rat fleas, cockroaches and rodents. A comprehensive and dynamic strategy to analyse the activities of these vectors and devise methods to restrict their ability to spread disease is vital to prevent an outbreak of disease.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) is an organisation that decides how to keep Singapore clean and free of disease. It also implements pollution control mechanisms and handles solid waste management. As a part of its strategy to prevent the spread of vector-borne diseases, the NEA uses an Integrated Vector Management System (IVMS) to perform the following functions.

Monitoring the activities of the vector population

Managing surveillance programs to understand how vector-borne diseases emerge and understand how diseases are transmitted.

Conduct education campaigns to inform the public about vector-control methods.

In the rest of the article, we shall look at two pest management companies, based in Singapore, which have an excellent track record in pest control.


PESTBUSTERS, a pest management company with a presence in nine countries, is equipped with the latest technology for pest control. All operations are monitored from a command centre and all personnel are equipped with body cameras while performing their duties. Drones are used while surveying for pests and they can reach places that human beings cannot access. Work is completed in one-sixth of the time when compared to human beings.

Committed to developing techniques more friendly to the environment, Pestbusters uses a method called ‘misting’ instead of ‘fogging’ to destroy mosquitoes. While ‘fogging’ involves spraying of chemicals that are damaging to the environment, ‘misting’ involves the spraying a mild, environmentally safe chemical on the plants. The chemical forms a layer over the plant and mosquitoes die when they come into contact with the chemical.

Rentokil Pest Control Services

Rentokil Pest Control Services is the oldest pest management company in Singapore. Operating since 1964, this company has an expertise in pest management that is unrivalled. The Integrated Mosquito Protection Treatment (IMPT) is comprehensive plan to restrict the spread of mosquito-borne diseases. Termite control is done by using an innovative and fascinating method, which involves using a bait to lure any termites that are hidden in the building. When the termites return to their colonies after taking the bait, they infect all the termites in the colony and they lose the ability to breed.