Guard the Eyes against Degenerative Disease 


More and more people today wear prescription glasses. We can blame it on a number of factors, where the prime one can be attributed to excessive use of the computer or laptop, smartphones or tablets usage, and watching television. Getting older also plays a vital role why the loss of vision or age-related macular degeneration continues to manifest. As the illness continues takes hold, the quality of life of the person is diminished significantly. Smoking also causes the illness to take root as it has a detrimental effect on the macula. Lutein benefits a great deal as the sight of the person improves once s/he includes this in the daily diet. By including the supplement along with a host of other nutrients, the macular pigment density improves in due time.


Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome has also been around for quite a while. One can put it down to the degenerative part of the eyes but pollution also plays a vital role as does excessive use of the fan, air cooler, and the air conditioner. Most doctors suggest a standard diet with the relevant nutrients, unfortunately, with time being a constraint not many have the ability to dish up a meal. That is where supplements as dietary additions come into play. This boosts the lutein level in the body and keeps the eyes well hydrated.


The Vanquishing Effect of Supplements

Free radical damage, which is the result of excessive sun exposure, poor diet and the result of a blue light, causes cataract formation, age-related loss of vision, macular degeneration and a host of other problems to the eyes. Lutein benefits the eyes by protecting healthy cells and removing dangerous ones thereby vanquishing malignant cells. This supplement is not only a requirement for the elderly. It has been noticed through scientific research that an increased amount of lutein in the diet works as a preventive mechanism reducing further damage to the cornea and the retina. The idea is to encourage the young and the elderly by increasing the right ingredients in the diet to reduce oxidative damage.


Dietary Intake

Eye fatigue is a problem faced by everyone irrespective of age or gender. Dietary intake of the right substances for the body like Vitamin E, Zeaxanthin and lutein reduces any cataract formation. From all accounts, it has been noticed that many people who follow a certain percentage of the supplement (lutein) or in a natural form at least four times a week cut back on their risk of cataract. Therefore, the big picture lets on that the eye tissue is strengthened after ingesting lutein; the lens density is healthier where clarity in visual function is a done deal.  Visit for more information on the product.