Lutein Supplements –Bringing ‘LIFE’ To Life.


Today’s digitized world is highly demanding and involves a lot of stress and strain. Besides, other repercussion of such an exposure to long hours in front of computers is majorly on our eyes. Radiation from computers damages the eyes and brain in more than one way. Headache, migraine, fatigue, stress, loss of vision, cataract, loss of memory etc can be some of the side effects of long hours of exposure to the ‘blue light’ emanating from electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, television etc.

In the wake of such a situation , there is a growing need for health supplements which could aid not only in minimizing the ill effects of blue light to our eyes and brain, but also bring restorative corrections in our bodies.

Carotenoids are essential nutrients which are vital for our eyes. They are naturally produced by our eyes and found in certain parts of our eyes in miniscule amounts which are not sufficient for the effective functioning of our eyes and replenishing the lost efficiency. Therefore, supplements are compulsorily needed by the body.

Alces brings together the goodness of essential nutrients and pack them into one product called Lutein Supplements. These supplements are like ‘life saviors’ which actually help in slowing down the process of degeneration of the eyes and keeping the oxidation level in check. A combination of 11 vital ingredients, it brings together 6 super anti oxidant carotenoids and 5 added nutrients.

Quality assurance being the topmost priority and finest technological standards applied to the manufacturing of this product, Lutein Supplements stand apart from other health supplements available in the market. The expertise of Japanese technology makes the product that of top quality and ensures the customers great value.

A healthy lifestyle is a need of the hour and health supplements are as important to one’s existence as oxygen is to life. Incorporation of anti oxidants to our diets will help us get over the otherwise unhealthy lifestyle that has been imposed on us and the upcoming generations as a result of technological advancements happening around us, which is unavoidable.

Thanks to the Japanese formula that brings the goodness of numerous vital nutrients all packed into one bottle making it easily consumable and relieves us of the worry of keeping a track of what we are eating or not eating on a daily basis.

The result is a better and a healthier life.