Major tissue consumers and suppliers

Tissue is a commodity manufactured from wood similar to paper. It is widely used for cooking, cleaning, hygienic purposes etc. Its demand is ever increasing. It is manufactured in the paper and pulp industry. After producing tissue in the paper and pulp industry the parent roll is obtained, which needs to undergo tissue conversion to be sold in the markets as final products, i.e. tissue rolls, napkins etc.

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Italy and Indonesia are the top two suppliers of tissues in the world. Italy exports its parent tissue rolls to Western Europe and Eastern Europe mainly and there is limited supply to other regions as well, whereas Indonesia delivers its tissue rolls to China, Japan, North America, Oceania, Middle East and other regions.

While Indonesia and Italy are the top two suppliers, China and Turkey hold the third and fourth sport in the top tissue suppliers list. China supplies to Oceania, Asia, Japan, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.
China supplies to almost all parts of the world. Turkey’s major business partners in tissue are Israel and United Kingdom.

When it comes to paper consumers, USA is among the largest tissue importers. It imports tissues mainly from Canada, Indonesia, Mexico and China. UK is also among a major tissue importer. UK imports from Turkey, Italy, China and Germany.  They import a lot of tissue because they have a lot of independent tissue converters.

Germany, Australia and Hungary are the next three major importers in the top five list. Germany imports tissues in spite of not having many independent paper converters. They have mainly transit business due to this. Australia imports tissues from China, Vietnam and Indonesia. Hungary mainly imports from Italy, Germany, Romania and Sweden. They import to boost their tissue industry which has a number of large tissue conversion machines but not enough parent tissue rolls.

All the major companies introduced another variety of tissues called the jumbo rolls. These were introduced due to the ever-increasing demand for tissues. So the major tissue companies have turned into jumbo roll tissue suppliers to meet this demand. Due to jumbo tissue rolls, the number of times the tissue needs to be restocked reduces, it also reduces theft and the bathroom user has a more comfortable experience. These jumbo tissues serve the purpose of 10 regular toilet tissue rolls. The jumbo tissues mainly come as 2-ply tissues, i.e. there are two layers of tissue for increasing its absorption capacity and to make it stronger.