Why Do Pests Frequent Certain Houses & How to Stop Them From Making Your Home Theirs

A pest knows its way around and once they find a good resting place, filled to the brim with trimmings, they settle down. It can get quite frustrating when you are away for a while on holiday or business travel, only to find an infestation of roaches or a fleet of additional pests in your home. Instead of resting, you end up having to deal with the problem for where you may have been the host. Let us look at why pests frequent certain houses and their reasons for doing so, in general.

Oh Crumbs

A place that is not neat and tidy plays host to a series of unwelcome guests. Dishes in the sink that have not been washed is another reason. If you have washed the dishes, but forgot to put edibles away, you can be assured that ants and roaches will find their way. Once they are happy, which they obviously will be, getting them out even if you stamp them or use a chemical spray, you can expect more to return.

A Chewy Garden

Gardens look glorious when plants are green and healthy. When you do not attend to plant life, they automatically droop in despair. Many aphids and other outdoor pests prey on these plants causing them to shrivel. Once you get your green fingers on the job, you may have to create another range of plants because of a lackadaisical attitude.

Debris and Dust

After remodeling, painting, repairs, and maintenance in the house, unwanted items must be junked or sold as scrap. When you collect them in boxes (instead of doing away with them), the boxes entice cockroaches, centipedes, spiders and other pests to settle down. Debris and any muck should be thrown away to keep the place free from damp and sludge.

Water Bowls

After the rains, there is a tendency of water stagnating in various pockets of the house. In the garden, the terrace, certain spots of the balcony, in pots and even in the gutters. When there is a collection of water, mosquitoes tend to breed in this environment making it almost impossible to rid your home of these pests. They cause a great amount of stress as they carry and spread illness like crazy.

Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Basement

These rooms in the home are prey to water and sludge. Whilst it is easy to clean the tiles from debris, the walls may need to be looked at carefully. Sometimes the rains or strange weather conditions can cause a damp to seep in, which is icky. With this, you can expect a deluge of spiders and their webs along with termites creeping in, effortlessly.

How to Stop Pests from Settling Down

1. The one rule of thumb is to ensure that the home is free from dust completely. Clean the house every day if possible; if not every day, once a week is a rational approach. Get the vacuum going in full steam so that every tiny morsel on the floor is removed. The cleanliness robot is a great apparatus that works wonders in keeping your home clean. The program is designed to ensure that every single part of the ground is free of dirt.

2. Clean the walls every week to ensure that there are no cobwebs or the makings of one. If you notice a bowl of untouched water in the garden or anywhere in your premises, get rid of it immediately. Seal any entrance or exit point as a preventive measure to stop rodents, ants, termites, lizards, or roaches from coming into your space.

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