Role of Lutein supplements for the eyes

Though it is true that all our sensory organs are important, it can easily be said that our eyesight is the “first among equals.” Experts unanimously assert that light and eyesight inspire people because only with the help of eyes, we can take in the beauty as well as the chaos that abound all around us. But if there are issues with our eyesight, it will not be possible for us to fully enjoy such things. Several studies have been conducted for finding the main reason that may trigger issues with our eyesight and the findings of these studies have revealed that it is the lack of lutein for eyes that may cause such issues. Let us delve a little deeper into this.

The hypothesis of researchers is that lutein is present in the eye’s macula – a tiny area in the retina that takes care of the three-dimensional vision we all have. Another hypothesis is lutein helps humans in detecting polarized light. Experts also opine that lutein keeps oxidative stress at bay and so, the eyes are safe from the harm that can be caused by the high-energy photons that emanate from blue light. Though these may sound hypothetical, we have concrete findings out of research studies that confirm that there is a direct relationship between the pigmentation of the eyes and our lutein intake.

Macular degeneration

Research has proven that if macula pigmentation increases, risk of eye diseases like macular degeneration, including degeneration triggered by aging, decrease. A clinical trial that was randomly conducted also demonstrated that lutein could improve visual functions. If other nutrients are also put to work along with lutein, the benefits may increase manifold. In short, if people go for lutein, they can easily counter macular degeneration, including that triggered by aging.


Research has also proved that lutein can reduce the risks of development of cataracts. Though foods such as egg yolks, corn, certain fruits and green and leafy vegetables can provide us with lutein, we may not consume these items on a daily basis and hence, we may be deprived of the right dosage of lutein we require. That is why it is suggested that we must go for lutein supplements.


Photophobia is also known as “abnormal human optical light sensitivity.” Findings of a study that have been published in the Journal of Food Science reveal that lutein will help in improving visual performance and bringing down the issue of light sensitivity in users.

Simply put, if we regularly consume lutein supplements, we can overcome issues like cataracts, macular degeneration due to aging, photophobia, etc.